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Conditions of Use

1. Acceptance of terms and conditions By creating an account with us and using our online services, you are accepting these terms and conditions.

2. Valid contact lens prescription You acknowledge that your contact lens prescription is valid, up to date and exactly that which was prescribed by your optometrist. You also acknowledge that you have attended all appointments and follow up appointments as recommended by your optometrist and that your current contact lens prescription is under 12 months old.

3. Contact Lenses can be Harmful to your eyes You understand that using contact lenses incorrectly, or using contact lenses that are not prescribed for you, may result in harm or damage to your eyes or vision. You agree to visit your optometrist as regularly as is recommended. This is normally on an annual basis. If any problems occur such as pain, discomfort or blurred vision, you must remove your contact lenses immediately and consult you optometrists.

4. Prescriptions from another optometrist If your contact lens prescription is from another optometrist you authorize us to confirm your prescription from your optometrist.

5. Order cancellation Birkenhead Optometrists Ltd reserves the right to cancel any orders. If your order is cancelled, you will be notified by email and you will not be charged.

6. Accurate information You agree that all information provided when ordering and creating your account is correct. It is your responsibility to ensure your details are up to date when placing an order. You may not to register under multiple identities.

7. Applicable law All parties agree that this agreement is governed by the law of New Zealand and that the law of New Zealand will apply to any dispute arising from this agreement or use of this web site.

8. Shipping Delivery times may vary. Delivery within New Zealand should be within 48 hours. In some cases there may be a delay in your order. We will notify you of this delay and you may cancel your order without penalty.

9. Returns Any purchased item may be returned within 10 days. If the purchased item is undamaged and in its original condition and in its original packaging a full refund will be given. The cost of returning the item is at the purchaser’s expense. If the goods are faulty or incorrectly shipped you need to notify us within

10 days and we will send a pre-paid courier pack in which you can return the goods.